For 146 Million U.S. Adults With No College Degree, $16.08 an Hour Is Just the Ticket

Unemployed (USURTOT) and pregnant with her second child in late 2013, Shantel Burris knew she needed to make a change. In a year, the 24-year-old went from jobless benefits to earning double the New York minimum wage.

Her first step was getting a high school diploma, and a chat with a counselor sparked a “nonstop” process of preparation centered on … Continue Reading

New Youth Network Aims to Get Kids Healthy and College-Ready

SOUTH BRONX — A coalition of antipoverty organizations and community members is set to launch in the borough with the goal of helping kids get healthy and college-ready.

The South Bronx Rising Together network, comprised of the The Children’s Aid Society and Phipps Neighborhoods, as well as JPMorgan Chase and other community members, aims to help create new economic … Continue Reading