Since it was founded in 1905, Phipps Houses has developed more than 6,000 affordable apartments, valued at over $1 billion, providing homes to more than 15,000 people in communities across the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. The organization has an active pipeline of new development projects totaling 1,400 units. Including its own property, Phipps manages an affordable housing portfolio of nearly 10,000 apartments throughout New York City.

Phipps Neighborhoods serves over 12,000 children, teens and adults annually in more than 30 programs. Community-based programs include 3-K and Pre-K; after-school programs; summer camp; STEAM programming; college prep; career readiness and job training; resident support; and community programs for children and adults.

Affordable housing developments, coupled with community-building human services and high-quality property management, create communities that assist residents and their neighbors to realize their dreams and fulfill their potential.