Success Stories

Meet Alejandro
Alejandro graduated with Cohort 2 of Career Network: Healthcare. Before the program he held several dead-end retail jobs, but struggled to make ends meet. It wasn’t until he found Phipps Neighborhoods and enrolled in Career Network: Healthcare that he was able to gain access to a meaningful career opportunity. He recently received a full-time job offer from Montefiore where he will be earning $16.02 an hour. Donate now to help others like Alejandro pursue careers that lead to financial independence.

Meet Terri
Terrigraduated with Cohort 1 of Career Network: Healthcare. When she joined the program she was living in a Phipps Neighborhoods’ Tier II transitional housing shelter with her 5-year-old son. After completing the program she received her Patient Care Technician certification at Hostos Community College. With her certification from Hostos, she secured employment as a Direct Care Worker for a home health care company, and she and her son have successfully transitioned from the shelter to permanent housing.  Donate now to provide a scholarship for future graduates to pursue a similar program, helping them gain the credentials needed to pursue a career in the healthcare field.

Meet Bobby
Bobby, 19, was able to step away from gangs and violence and is now living a healthier and more positive life thanks to his involvement with Phipps Neighborhoods’ youth programs. Bobby lives with his mother and siblings and works to financially support his household. Donate now to help others like Bobby participate in programs that lead them to a brighter future.

Meet Lee
Lee, 23, has overcome homelessness and incarceration with the help of Phipps Neighborhoods’ Justice Corps program. After support and encouragement from family members and the Justice Corps team, Lee was able to his transform life. He is now employed, exploring enrolling in college and on track to graduate the program soon. Donate now to help others like Lee pursue a brighter future.