Chancellor Carmen Fariña Visits Phipps Neighborhoods Pre-K



New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña recently visited Phipps Neighborhoods Pre-K program at Daly Avenue. She observed a classroom and interacted with teachers and students.

A note from the Chancellor following her visit:

Phipps Neighborhoods has been helping families living in the Phipps Houses and surrounding South Bronx community rise above poverty through education and career programs since 1972. The students in its Daly Avenue pre-kindergarten program were enthusiastic and engaged. I was impressed to see the children’s artwork on display, as art is a vehicle for self-expression, learning, and imaginative play. Under Jeremy Kaplan’s direction, Phipps also makes many home-to-school connections to help parents better support their children’s learning. I am also thrilled that Phipps Neighborhoods is participating in our Community Schools Initiative.

Thank you to Chancellor Fariña for visiting and for supporting all of our education programs!

For more information on our Pre-K programs, and how to enroll your child for the coming school year please visit here.

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