Literacy Connection Graduation

YALP Graduation



On June 25th, the spring class of Literacy Connection graduated 22 participants. Literacy Connection, a program operated in partnership with the New York Public Library, helps young adults attain literacy and numeracy skills, take steps toward acquiring a diploma, and improve their employment prospects. An intensive program of classroom instruction helps participants qualify for a High School Equivalency preparation program, while work-readiness training prepares them for future employment.

Below is a note from Shadelle Murray, a Literacy Connection graduate:

The day of my graduation was scary and amazing. Before graduation I had a lot of emotions running around in my head. I felt scared because I didn’t know if I had passed or not, happy because it was the end of semester, and anxious to find out if I had graduated. I was mainly happy because my parents came to the ceremony, and I could show them how I had pushed myself to greatness.

When I realized that I had passed, I felt relieved. My hard work had paid off! When my name was called all I could think was, “Yes, one step closer to my dream of being a wedding planner.”

My favorite part of the graduation ceremony was the video Mr. Dwight (Dwight Curwen, Supervisor of Young Adult Education) created for us with pictures I didn’t know he had taken and clips from the poetry jam. That was amazing.

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