Meet our team: Derison Puntier, Financial Empowerment Center

IMG_8170-X2What I do

I do one-on-one financial counseling for low to middle income individuals and families. I help my clients take control of their finances, deal with debt collectors, create a budget, open a bank account, create an emergency fund, and save and plan for their future. All in all, I help my clients wrap their arms around their finances.

Why I work at Phipps Neighborhoods

I love the vision of Phipps Neighborhoods. I’m proud to work for such a great company and be part of our mission to help low-income communities rise above poverty. I also love the culture and our great CEO.

Success story

One of my clients attempted to buy a house but was denied because of bad credit. I helped him establish his credit and in little over a year he was able to purchase a house in the Bronx. As soon as he found out, he came to visit me with his wife to share the great news with me.

About the Financial Empowerment Center 

The Phipps Neighborhoods Financial Empowerment Center provides confidential, one-on-one counseling for individuals who need tools and support to better manage their finances. Trained counselors help clients identify their financial challenges and guide them in addressing bad credit, paying down debt, and improving financial habits. Learn more.

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