Meet our team: Joel Sanchez, Program Director at Phipps Neighborhoods Cornerstone Center at Soundview Houses

joel and cornerstone participants

Joel Sanchez (top row, center) with participants and staff

What I do

I direct the Phipps Neighborhoods Cornerstone Center at Soundview Houses. We host educational, recreational and life empowering programs for children ages 5-12, teenagers, and adults. These programs include homework help, Project Based Learning activities, organized sports, gender based activities, internships, career workshops, a food pantry and many other services needed in the community we serve.

Why I work at Phipps Neighborhoods

Phipps Neighborhoods has provided an endless amount of opportunities over the years that have allowed me to grow personally and professionally. The organization offers a large variety of positions which come with many different challenges. There is never a dull moment working at this organization, which is probably what I love the most about working here.

Success story

Just recently, one of our teens graduated from high school and is now attending Clinton University. This participant has been with us since Phipps Neighborhoods took over running the Soundview Cornerstone in 2009. He participated in our after school program, teen Young Men’s Initiative, Ladders of Leadership internship program, Youth Council, a 2013 basketball initiative, and Summer Youth Employment Program. Now that he’s in college he continues to volunteer at our program on weekends and holidays. With the exception of our adult program, this participant has been through all of our progressive stages and continues to be the example of what we want all of our participants to become.

About Phipps Neighborhoods Cornerstone at Soundview 

Our Cornerstone centers serve youth, teens, young adults, adults and seniors through a variety of educational, recreational, and cultural activities and community events. Learn more.

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