Meet our team: Michael Pierce, Phipps Neighborhoods Cornerstone at Soundview

michael pierceWhat I do

I am transitioning from being a group leader to the Teen Coordinator at Phipps Neighborhoods Cornerstone at Soundview. I help at the community center and keep things organized. I am also the supervisor for the evening programs.

Why I work at Phipps Neighborhoods

Speaking as a member of the community I work in, I know what it is like to hang out on the corner and not have anywhere else to go. At first, working at Phipps Neighborhoods was just to get a paycheck, but after being part of an organization where I have grown and gained experience, I now know what makes me come to work every day – I have the opportunity to change lives in my community. The children I teach look at me as a father figure or big brother and I cannot let them down. I love the position I’m in at this point of my life.

Success story

I am also the dance teacher at Phipps Neighborhoods Cornerstone at Soundview. This past summer was tough for our dance class because a lot of our dancers struggled with a lack of confidence.  Some dancers were nervous performing in front of crowds or wanted to give up when they couldn’t get a certain dance move correct. It took some time, but I am proud to say we broke through these barriers with our dancers. Our dancers are stepping up and developing their dance skills to a new level – some of our dancers are even choreographing now. Watching them dance makes me proud because I was a part of it. I have seen them at their worst and now I get the chance to see them at their best.

About Phipps Neighborhoods Cornerstone at Soundview 

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