Social Work Spotlight: Alondra Marryshow, Career Coach for Career Network: Healthcare

alondraMarch is National Social Work Month, and Phipps Neighborhoods is spotlighting our amazing social workers helping our communities rise above poverty. This week, we introduce you to Alondra Marryshow, Career Coach for Career Network: Healthcare, an employer driven career exploration and training program with the goal of helping young adults secure employment within the healthcare field. In addition to training and career exploration, participants in this program receive extensive life and career coaching as well as case management services to help them begin their career.

As the Career Coach for Career Network: Healthcare, Alondra provides participants with case management services, helps them set and achieve career goals and facilitates life skills workshops. She has established strong relationships with the participants and has built tools and systems to help our participants overcome barriers. She sees firsthand the many obstacles our young people face each day in the communities we serve, including lack of education, unemployment, and homelessness.

“As a social worker, I educate, empower, and advocate for individual’s needs and rights. Social workers are not only the voice in our communities – we are the heartbeat. My goal is to help people move ahead, and fulfill both their personal needs and future goals by ensuring individuals receive appropriate services and resources.”

Alondra goes above and beyond her duties to ensure the success of Career Network: Healthcare participants. Her door is always open and her phone is always on, including after work hours. She is a strong advocate for our participants and accompanies them to medical, legal and housing appointments if they need the support. She works tirelessly to establish relationships with participants’ families to help build a network of support that will foster their ongoing success.

“I enjoy helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. I am very passionate about educating, advocating, and empowering others. I love being a social worker because it gives me the opportunity to listen to people’s personal stories, challenges, and experiences and also provide guidance and support.”

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