Success Story: Dana Wright, Career Network: Healthcare Graduate, Awarded Outstanding Student Award

dana wright

Phipps Neighborhoods is proud to congratulate Dana Wright for winning the Outstanding Student Award from the Continuing Education Association of New York.

Dana graduated from Career Network: Healthcare, a career development program run by Phipps Neighborhoods in partnership with Hostos Community College and Montefiore Health System. The program helps young adults secure career track healthcare employment and/or education credentials. Before completing Career Network: Healthcare, Dana lived in a housing shelter with her two children. Following the program, she earned her Patient Care Technician certificate at Hostos, which helped her secure employment as a Patient Escort at a nursing home in the Bronx. This income helped Dana and her children successfully transition from the shelter to permanent housing.

Recently, Dana started a position as a Patient Transporter at Montefiore Health System. In addition to working full time, she continues to volunteer with Phipps Neighborhoods, helping recruit young people for Career Network: Healthcare and representing the program during events. She plans to move up within Montefiore and apply to school to become a Registered Nurse. Dana exudes warmth, compassion and professionalism and is a great asset to the healthcare field in the Bronx and a strong role model for her children.


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