Summer Camp 2014: College Bound and Beyond

campIt’s that time of year again! Summer is officially here and it’s time for camp!

This year our summer camps will serve nearly 900 children (the most ever at Phipps Neighborhoods) with the theme of College Bound and Beyond. With a strong emphasis on age appropriate reading and literacy, our programs will begin the discussion of college education with young children, and older campers will explore various college campuses.  Independent reading, group discussions and writing opportunities will develop critical thinking skills and strengthen academic performance. We will also give children experiences that incorporate time management and project planning exercises, as well as leadership development.

Our summer camp programs will also incorporate project based learning, with campers choosing the subject matter and demonstrating their new understandings through a variety of projects or presentations about their chosen topic, developed in alignment with the Common Core.

These activities will all be integrated with traditional arts and recreation activities that help to define the summer camp experience.

Learn more about summer camp at Phipps Neighborhoods.

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