Bronx Family Fund

In crisis, every family wants to know they have enough food & necessities to meet their needs. 

New York has been the epicenter of the American COVID-19 outbreak, and the Bronx, the hardest hit borough in NYC. 

Your Bronx Family Fund donations will go directly to families in our neighborhood; no administrative overhead costs taken out, no middle men. Families know what they need and will purchase the necessities to get by. 

If you have a full fridge and a few extra dollars, please donate any amount you can below. Together we can support our neighbors. Together we will get through this.

Phipps Neighborhoods is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization. Our tax exempt ID is: 13-2707665. All contributions are deductible as allowed by law.

A copy of our most recently filed financial report is available from the Charities Registry on the New York State Attorney General’s website ( or, upon request, by contacting the New York State Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 28 Liberty Street, New York, NY 10005, or us at 902 Broadway, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10010. You may also obtain information on charitable organizations from the New York State Office of the Attorney General at or 212-416-8401.