College Access

College Access Tour, PN students_ 2017

Phipps Neighborhoods’ College Access program assists young people as they develop collegiate plans while establishing a continuum of educational, social, and career-oriented support through their high school career.

To better prepare students for secondary education and their post-High School careers, our College Access curriculum focuses on academic support, financial counseling, and confidence building related to collegiate academic and social challenges. Classes meet twice a week to help students build better academic habits, prepare their college application portfolio through civic engagement, regional campus tours, and more.

In all aspects of the program, each student receives individualized attention from Phipps Neighborhoods’ staff. Our College and Career Counselor helps students create an personalized plan, as well as work with their families as needed.

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About Phipps Neighborhoods

Phipps Neighborhoods helps children, youth, and families in low-income communities rise above poverty. We work in South Bronx neighborhoods where we can address the greatest barriers to lasting success through workforce and education programs, and access to community and economic empowerment resources.

We’re dedicated to our neighborhoods for the long term, supporting individuals and families as they establish self-sufficiency. Our services create opportunities for people to thrive in every aspect of their lives.