South Bronx Rising Together

Cradle-through-college pipeline initiative to improve education, workforce and economic outcomes for South Bronx children and families 

South Bronx Rising Together is a collaborative network of program providers and community stakeholders. This group works together to create a community that is college and career ready by leveraging the expertise of a network of families, schools, business leaders, community advocates and service providers to support the lifelong success of families and youth in Bronx Community District 3.

South Bronx Rising Together will focus on ensuring the following:

  • All children are healthy
  • All children enter kindergarten excited and ready to learn
  • All parents and members of the community contribute to youth success
  • All students succeed at every level and graduate from high school prepared for college
  • All youth attain a post-secondary degree/certificate and start careers

Collective impact – an approach based on the premise that no single organization can affect large-scale, lasting social change alone – helps organizations tackle systemic problems by creating a centralized infrastructure, allocating staff and developing a process marked by five characteristics: a common agenda, shared measurement systems, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and systems-level coordination. In education reform, the strategy has proved successful, boosting the number of children adequately prepared for kindergarten, reading and math scores, and high school graduation rates.

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About Phipps Neighborhoods

Phipps Neighborhoods helps children, youth, and families in low-income communities rise above poverty. We work in South Bronx neighborhoods where we can address the greatest barriers to lasting success through education and career programs, and access to community resources.

We’re dedicated to our neighborhoods for the long term, supporting individuals and families as they establish self-sufficiency. Our services create opportunities for people to thrive in every aspect of their lives.